The fifth of May is always a nice time of year- if you are not allergic to pollen. This year the moon is in inquisitive Gemini, Mercury and Venus are arm in arm in Aries and Neptune is newly in dreamy Pisces. It all sounds rather light and pleasant.

Mercury and Venus will be “walking” together for quite some time. In fact they won’t be more than two degrees apart until May 24th. The two inner planets are certainly no strangers to one another but the duration of this aspect is unusually long. A fine time to get to know someone as Prince William and Kate Middleton (I’m not sure what her new name is) will see.

While Venus is said to be in Detriment in passionate Aries, I have found this placement to express itself as an outgoing self-confident energy that people respond well too. Mercury in Aries can be a bit of a chatterbox and may blurt things or simply say too much too soon. Overall there is a serious dialog  happening right now and I think we will all be learning a lot about each other over the next three weeks. This is a time to say what we are feeling and to feel what we are saying. Aries is never one to beat around the bush so lets try not to be too blunt when we are expressing our needs. Sometimes the way to get what we want is to simply Рand politely- ask.

I’ll go over some of the outer planets tomorrow.¬† -Cheers

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