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Something Fishy

With Neptune in it’s rulership of Pisces I have been expecting the theater of the weird to manifest any day now. This thing about killing Bin Laden has been more than a little fishy. Since Neptune and Pisces have to do with Paranoia- among other things- let me go over my brief summery of conspiracy theory.

1) People do conspire with other people to achieve their own ends. It is naive to think otherwise.

2) It is difficult if not impossible to know the lengths of this activity or the objectives.

3) People who actively conspire to reach their own objectives would do well to marginalize people who get wise to their antics (those conspiracy theorists!)

4) People who spend all of their time sussing out conspiracy theories are giving away all of their own power. Almost always for no result.

So lest I be labeled a conspiracy theorist for saying that I see something fishy in this whole thing just remember that I am an astrologer and I am not naive.

Moving on.

With Pluto now well established in Capricorn we are seeing autocratic structures being toppled and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Pluto’s job in Capricorn is to dismantle old outworn structures. This especially includes power structures. Sorry Hosni :(

With Uranus in Aries I get a vision of a lightening struck tower. Uranus also has to do with reversals. Uranus in Aries is a whole lotta energy with no off switch. If ever there was an aspect that says “I just gotta be me”  it’s this one. Revolution is in the air and people are connected -or are able to get connected- in an unprecedented way. Not only can hundreds of thousands of people turn up for a revolt, it will be very hard to spin popular opinion against them.

Neptune tip toeing into Pisces gives me the greatest concern right now because that’s where it is most powerful. It is silent. It gives the sense that all is OK- and it is- until your house is floating down the river. With all of the ice caps melting at an increasing rate, storms and floods are sure to be more prevalent. To say nothing of the rising tide of humanity who have had the riches of others rubbed in their face their whole lives.

Also, boundaries of all kinds will be dissolving. It’s hard to say which ones or how but I wouldn’t want to be a boundary right about now.

This is going to be a wild ride these next 14 years. Revolutions of an oceanic mass of an inflamed humanity. We in these United States have suffered a great financial crisis – thank you red states- and so has the rest of the world! We tend to forget that there is a rest of the world. Oh we watch National Geographic and so forth but those are just those people. What we fail to grasp is that there are well over 6 billion of those people now and that they are damn sick and tired of living like refugees. If you were surprised by the recent events in the middle East then you will likely be surprised when it happens elsewhere. These are long cycles and the work of these planets is far from over. In fact they have only just begun.

As a card carrying member of the X generation I am fond of saying that I’ve seen it all. And with regard to all of humanity up until now I can say that I am right. As an astrologer I am afraid I have to say, “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” (Yes, I know, I already said that)

So what are the Navy Seals doing in the mountains of Pakistan when we have so many other perfectly good special forces in our military? It just doesn’t read right. Next we’re being told that we will not be able to see Osama Bin Laden dead. So much for closure. This killing of the boogeyman  seems a little late in coming. Does it mean the beginning of the end of the war? Or is it just the end of the beginning?

The fifth of May is always a nice time of year- if you are not allergic to pollen. This year the moon is in inquisitive Gemini, Mercury and Venus are arm in arm in Aries and Neptune is newly in dreamy Pisces. It all sounds rather light and pleasant.

Mercury and Venus will be “walking” together for quite some time. In fact they won’t be more than two degrees apart until May 24th. The two inner planets are certainly no strangers to one another but the duration of this aspect is unusually long. A fine time to get to know someone as Prince William and Kate Middleton (I’m not sure what her new name is) will see.

While Venus is said to be in Detriment in passionate Aries, I have found this placement to express itself as an outgoing self-confident energy that people respond well too. Mercury in Aries can be a bit of a chatterbox and may blurt things or simply say too much too soon. Overall there is a serious dialog  happening right now and I think we will all be learning a lot about each other over the next three weeks. This is a time to say what we are feeling and to feel what we are saying. Aries is never one to beat around the bush so lets try not to be too blunt when we are expressing our needs. Sometimes the way to get what we want is to simply – and politely- ask.

I’ll go over some of the outer planets tomorrow.  -Cheers

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